Valencia Travel Diary


One sunny May day after 3 hour train ride from Barcelona me and my lovely travel companion Nalani arrived in the city of Valencia. After dropping our bags off at the most perfect AirBnb loft, we decided to run out the door and explore a new exciting city with all the historical and modern landmarks it has to offer.  For both of us exploring means walking the streets of a city for hours while taking copious amounts of photos; we are the perfect travel match.

We quickly realized that Valencia comes through in photographs in a very unique and visually interesting way and, honestly, it is a photographer’s wonderland. The distinct combination of pastel colored building and narrow streets, that make sunlight come in at all sort of weird angles, makes for perfect soft lighting at any time of the day. You are basically living inside the ‘Valencia’ Instagram filter and creating perfect snapshot of this city everywhere you go.




Wondering through the historic city centre



Rice fields of Valencia, this place has the best Paella in Spain



The beautiful pre-modernist Central Market


The incredible quarter of the City of Arts and Sciences

Our Spanish dinners


And of course the endless Valencian beaches

Happy travels!

Love, Lena

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